Tina Barton

Chief Operating Officer - eMQT

Dr. Tina Barton, COO of eMQT, is a drug development specialist with over 40 years’ experience, working in partnership to lead for success as a customer-focused senior leader. Dr. Barton provides strategic business acumen, change management and process enhancement expertise with a proven track record in driving growth, managing teams and training for the future - from large global organisations to small start-up enterprises. With a passion for transformation, Dr. Barton drove the embracement of Central Eastern European countries and now is focused on the inclusion of Sub Saharan Africa into clinical development – bringing the miracle of development of new medicines to emerging markets and new patients.  Dr. Barton holds a BSc, PhD and MBA alongside over 50 academic publications and is an Honorary Fellow, and Board Member of the Institute of Clinical Research.

Tina Barton


  • Wednesday - May 10, 2023 - 14:20

    How Can African Sites be routinely included? Addressing diversity at its core

    • Addressing and overcoming the fears
    • Understanding and removing the challenges
    • Providing robust tools to gather evidence



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